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Re: make sysinstall/Makefile.preamble/GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DOMAIN

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: make sysinstall/Makefile.preamble/GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DOMAIN
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 12:59:19 +0000

In both of these cases an alias ought to work pretty well, and if you forget to use the alias and accidentally install in LOCAL when you wanted system, well you can just delete the LOCAL domain and do it again. To me, the downside of this just doesn't justify adding complexity to make and the core packages, but if this is what you want to avoid then a record (within the make system) of where you want to install each project seems the only way to go. The make system could manage it automatically so that when you install a project (without explicitly setting a domain) it uses the installation domain last set when you installed that project.

In the end, your suggestion was too good to ignore. I wiped out my changes of yesterday, and implemented your proposal - actually a simplification/improvement of it. :-)

The new system allows people building from source to completely customize where they
want each package to go by default.

You just need to copy the new file installation-domains.conf from core/ make to the same directory where your GNUstep.conf is (usually /etc/GNUstep/), then edit it to suit your installation domain "needs", listing which packages you want in which installation
domain by default.

That's it. :-)

This new configuration file is optional and is read if it exists and ignored otherwise. It is not installed by default by gnustep-make which means the default behaviour is to install everything into Local. Another advantage of gnustep-make not installing it is that once you create your own /etc/GNUstep/installation- domains.conf file, it will never be overwritten or modified by gnustep-make, so it will be there forever
and used forever.

For all this to work well, though, all GNUstep software needs to always define the
PACKAGE_NAME in GNUmakefiles, as in

 PACKAGE_NAME = gnustep-base

and that needs to happen in all the GNUmakefiles. Otherwise gnustep- make can't know what it is currently installing, so it can't choose the correct default installation domain. :-(

I'll start updating the core packages to have PACKAGE_NAME everywhere.


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