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GNUstep developer meeting in January

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: GNUstep developer meeting in January
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 15:47:05 +0100

Hey all,

I want to announce a developer meeting that will be held in January in
Italy, "OrobienSTEP", a bit in the tradition of AlpenStep '07 first and
AlemanniaStep '08  then.

The days are 24-25-26 January 2008 (Friday, Saturday; Sunday).
The location is near Bergamo, Northern Italy.

The goal is to have a nice development and debugging sessions among
developers to actually squeeze out bugs, add polish to the core and existing
libraries and applications. The schedule has been choose so that it fits
before Fosdem, so that any improvment can be shown in Belgium.
Nikolaus will also please all parteticipans with his handheld devices.

The session shall be held at an hotel, where sleeping and eating is
possible. The conference room with internet and beamer is already bookoed
for those days.

Additional notes:
- Bergamo is easily reached by train and by plane. Being the italian Ryanair
hub, low-cost flights from europe are available if booked early. The hotel
itself is reachable with one bus fare from the train statin, I can arrange
to pick up somebody though in case.
- confirmed attendees are Nikolaus and Fred Kiefer for the moment. Gerold
Rupprecht will try his best.
- topics will be sure core and gui/back with Fred, SimpleWebKit with
Nikolaus. Porting of Flexisheet and Bean. Other Applications which need work
before a release. And the rest will depensd from who comes!
- it is possible to start on Thursday evening, to gain an additional night
and have the full Friday available

I heartily invite any interested person to come.
All core developers (Nicola, Richard... even Gregory, Adam..) are invited,
although I understand that for people from Overseas the effort and expense
will be too big.
People from Etoilé? David Chisnall? Nicolas? Quentin already sadly declined.
Any European stepper is invited! Saso? Sergei? Enrico Sersale?
People who package for linux and BSD distributions. That would be indeed a
topic worth discussing.

Please contact me if you are interested, I'll give you all the details and
lodging shall be arranged to the best. Topics should be planned in advance

Happy stepping,

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