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Re: xim doesn't work (scim)

From: Zhang Weiwu
Subject: Re: xim doesn't work (scim)
Date: Tue, 05 May 2009 08:20:27 +0800
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Omniscient wrote:
On May 4, 11:46 pm, Zhang Weiwu <address@hidden> wrote:
Checken & egg problem. If you don't offer applications why people want
to type Chinese into your applications?

Well, that's why I think it should focus on application developments
that actually create revenue. People would prefer more to type
anything into an application if the act of typing give them some money.
Once we have money, we can buy more attention from i18n coders et al.

It depends on the development model & how you see it. You can also through "bad" application to users and if they can use, they might want to improve it. Some projects succeeded doing so. Me as an example might grow a lot of interest in working on optimizing user interface logic of PRINCE but since I cannot type things there I am not motivated to contribute ideas. Non-developer like me are also sometimes aiding projects.
Can you explain further why you think DTP is an area that benefits from
GNUStep design? I happen to be quite used to existing DTP solutions thus
want to know the details, if GNUstep is really well designed, how can it
help DTP workers?

Since GNUstep's whole display system is all done in vector based, it's pretty easy to provide WYSIWYG from the widget level, eg. you print a widget you get a 1:1 postscript. It's text system is also very powerful and very well designed and can be rotated by any arbitrary degrees, pretty fit into DTP requirements by that it could allow better integration and interaction between view and model.

Sounds interesting. Let me think, that may be inspiring to user interface design too.

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