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Re: are there people actually using GNUMail?

From: Zhang Weiwu
Subject: Re: are there people actually using GNUMail?
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 09:57:13 +0800
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Fred Kiefer wrote:
> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>> It sometimes have wired behavior, e.g. typing 'i' after 'f' causes both
>> letter erasered.
> This could be a problem of your font. If the font claims to have a "fi"
> ligature, but doesn't display anything for that, the described behaviour
> could be shown. Which font you are using?
I guess I need to file a bug report to wenquanyi font team then. I am
using WenQuanYi Bitmap Song, afaik the only FOSS Chinese bitmap font
that is still being developed.

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