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Re: MacPorts GNUstep

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: Re: MacPorts GNUstep
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 22:42:51 +0200


In interests of sharing current work on getting MacPorts to work, my porfiles 
have been dropped in my public Dropbox folder:

Since I have these files in /Users/ivucica, this is what I have added in 

I'd really love to hear experiences and thoughts. I'm new at creating 
Portfiles, and this is pretty much untested on anything except my local 
machine. I did not force port "gcc44" to be installed, but both gnustep-make 
and gnustep-base ports assume that you have it installed. Getting feedback 
would mean that someone else is interested in this, and that I can perhaps 
exchange thoughts with another interested party.

To test, after configuring as described above:
sudo port install gnustep-make gnustep-base gnustep-gui system-preferences

Here's a screenshot; SystemPreferences.app looks really lovely under OS X :)

On 8. tra. 2011., at 14:47, Ivan Vučica wrote:

> Hi,
> after fixing gnustep-base (and making minor changes to gnustep-make to get 
> -base to compile) that I've talked about, compiling gnustep-gui and 
> system-preferences went without problems.
> Gorm does not compile (I did not yet investigate why, apart from missing 
> GSNibItem) and GNUMail can't be compiled because of problems with compiling 
> poppler, unrelated to GNUstep. 
> I'm however very interested in issues with compiling Zcode. I've got all 
> these programs to compile by adjusting Portfile to use gcc-mp-4.4 (MacPorts 
> GCC, version 4.4.5). However, Zcode uses Objective-C 2.0 features such as 
> properties, so I went and forced use of clang from MacPorts.
> I'm getting this very confusing issue:
> The-Evil-MacBook:Zcode ivucica$ openapp ./Zcode
> Module (null) version 9 doesn't match runtime 8
> Abort trap
> Any ideas on how to investigate what the problem is would be appreciated. I'd 
> like to get this to work before moving on to upgrading all libraries to 
> latest releases.
> On 8. tra. 2011., at 11:57, Ivan Vučica wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've successfully fixed gnustep-base on MacPorts. At least, it compiles and 
>> installs on my machine; I did not yet try to compile any code that uses it, 
>> nor did I try it on... cleaner machines. Before I try that, I will be trying 
>> to fix other components as well (gnustep-gui, primarily), and I hope to get 
>> in contact with someone at MacPorts to get this into their port index.
>> I will also try to update from 1.19 (the current tarball of gnustep-base 
>> being pulled to compile), as well as update other components. Anything I 
>> should know about changes from what MacPorts uses to current releases?
>> Regards,
>> Ivan Vučica
>> via phone
> --
> Ivan Vučica
> address@hidden - http://ivan.vucica.net/
> Coming soon for iPhone, Zombie Ball - http://j.mp/zbivmail

Ivan Vučica
address@hidden - http://ivan.vucica.net/
Coming soon for iPhone, Zombie Ball - http://j.mp/zbivmail

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