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Re: convert-standard-filename's doc

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: convert-standard-filename's doc
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 13:40:51 +0200

> From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> Date: 28 May 2004 12:19:31 -0400
> How about something like
>    (defun foo ()
>      "doc"
>      (if-when-compile (memq system-name '(bar baz))
>          toto
>        titi))
> For insert-directory, the answer would be a bit different (it can't be
> decided at compile-time), but the idea would be the same:

I think we cannot decide anything at compile time, as all the *.el
files are compiled on a GNU or Unix machine when a release is being

>    (defun insert-directory (blabla)
>      "doc"
>      (if insert-directory-use-ls
>          (insert-directory-using-ls blabla)
>        (insert-directory-using-lisp blabla)))
> I.e. nothing clever.

Yes, something like that will do, although it being non-clever means
that someone needs to manuall find all those places and modify them as
above.  Not a catastrophe, of course.

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