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Re: {Spam?} Re: convert-standard-filename's doc

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: {Spam?} Re: convert-standard-filename's doc
Date: 30 May 2004 17:53:47 -0400
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> most cases, when I'm going to use a funcion on a Windows Emacs, I'm
> interested on what it does, not what it would do, were I to use it on
> GNU/Linux (or any other present or future environment)...

Agreed.  The only thing important is "what does it conceptually do", and
then maybe some examples.  The conceptual behavior is system-agnostic, so
its description is the generic part of the docstring.  The system-specific
part doesn't have to be complete since it should just give enough examples
for people to be able to infer the rest.


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