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Re: [OSX] G4 compiled binary fails on G5

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [OSX] G4 compiled binary fails on G5
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 12:21:34 -0500
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> > You should recompile and either run
> > make CC=gcc
> > or
> > make-package -M,CC=gcc
> I have compiled a  version with «make-package --self-compiled -M,CC=gcc» and
> now wait for feedback.
> I also made an OS9 version with the USE_LSB_TAG and i wonder if it should be
> given also to OSX ?

How did you set the USE_LSB_TAG ?  What compiler did you use?

> That symbol seems to be defined on  mac if __MRC__ is defined. IIRC MrC used
> to be the OS9 compiler from Apple/MPW.

I must say I have no clue under which circumstance are the mac/inc/*
files used.  Is that for Mac OS 9 only?

While I'm looking at them, couls someone tell me what the following comment
(in mac/inc/config.h) refers to:

   /* Use low-bits for tags.  If ENABLE_CHECKING is turned on together
      with USE_LSB_TAG, optimization flags should be explicitly turned
      off.  */

what's the problem with optimization flags and ENABLE_CHECKING and

Also in s-mac.h, would it be correct to add to the code

   #ifdef __MRC__
   #define DECL_ALIGN(type, var) type var

a little comment saying something like "MrC always aligns structures larger
than 8bytes on 8byte boundaries".  If not, what is the justification for
defining DECL_ALIGN as a nop?

> If so,  looking dumb  I did not  figured the  syntax to provide  both CC=gcc
> *and* USE_LSB_TAG or maybe -DUSE_LSB_TAG...

If you tell me how you set USE_LSB_TAG, I may be able to tell you how to
combine the two.


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