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Re: Splitting and moving generic.el.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Splitting and moving generic.el.
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 12:50:36 +0200
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Jason Rumney <address@hidden> writes:

> For some reason I'm missing all mail to emacs-devel between 4 April
> and 8 April, so I had to look into the archives to find this being
> discussed.
> 2005-04-05  Lute Kamstra  <address@hidden>
>         * generic.el: Commentary section cleanup.
>         (generic): Delete.
>         (generic-use-find-file-hook, generic-lines-to-scan)
>         (generic-find-file-regexp, generic-ignore-files-regexp)
>         (default-generic-mode, generic-mode-find-file-hook)
>         (generic-mode-ini-file-find-file-hook): Move to generic-x.el.
>         * generic-x.el (generic-x): Docstring fix.  Put it in the data group.
>         (generic-use-find-file-hook, generic-lines-to-scan)
>         (generic-find-file-regexp, generic-ignore-files-regexp)
>         (default-generic-mode, generic-mode-find-file-hook)
>         (generic-mode-ini-file-find-file-hook): Moved from generic.el.
> This change seems to have caused problems. The only reference in my
> .emacs to generic is a
> (require 'generic-x)
> which used to give me some extra generic based modes.
> Now it just gives me an error:
> Loading generic...done
> An error has occured while loading ~/.emacs:
> Symbol's value as variable is void: default-generic-mode

Doing (require 'generic-x) shouldn't load generic unless generic-x is
loaded from source.  Any idea why your lisp/generic-x.el isn't

The error suggests that an old version of generic is used (from before
define-generic-mode became a macro, one month ago).  Do you have
lisp/emacs-lisp/generic.el, revision 1.1?  Is your
lisp/emacs-lisp/generic.elc up to date?  Is an old lisp/generic.el{,c}
shadowing lisp/emacs-lisp/generic.el{,c}?

Can you reproduce your problem when you (do a make bootstrap and)
start Emacs with "emacs -Q" and do (require 'generic-x) manually?


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