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Re: Multiple debugging sessions

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Multiple debugging sessions
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 08:50:53 +0200

> From: Nick Roberts <address@hidden>
> Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 17:56:44 +1300
> Cc: address@hidden, Andreas Schwab <address@hidden>, address@hidden,
>       address@hidden
> I've not said that it's not desirable, but that its not a trivial task and I
> think there are more immediate and important goals.  Moving over to GDB/MI
> aligns us with GDB development and will make a much more reliable interface.
> Since gdb-ui.el uses annotations, it hangs together on a wing and a prayer,
> and every time GDB developers change CLI output, which they have every right
> to do as its intended for the user and not the front end, it may break.

I agree that moving to GDB/MI is much more important than adding the
ability to debug several programs.

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