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Re: Time to install the new icons

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Re: Time to install the new icons
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:22:07 -0500
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I went ahead and checked in Andrew's icons, in png format, into
etc/images/icons.  They are:

 emacs_16.png  emacs_24.png  emacs_32.png  emacs_48.png

The last two guys are the "perspective" versions of the icons.  (The
16x16 and 24x24 are too small to have a perspective icons.)

It is NOT necessary to provide .xpm or .pbm versions of these icons.
We don't link to them in Emacs itself.  They are there for
distributors, such as the GNOME and KDE projects, Redhat, Ubuntu,
etc., to put in their menus.  Presumably, these guys know how to use
Gimp or Imagemagick or whatever.

Strictly speaking, they don't even need to be in the source tree, but
it's as good a place as any to put them.

I also added a note in FOR-RELEASE: to contact the various
distributors and tell them to switch to the new icons, just before
Emacs 22 gets released.  (Although, by the time THAT happens, email
will probably have been obsoleted by the Inter-Galactic Telepathic
Transmission Network, or something...)

One last note: since we have a spiffy new icon, how about using it for
the splash screen?  Andrew, would it be possible to rescale your icon
to 250 x 200, to replace etc/splash.xpm?

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