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Re: [Fwd: Frame Height Different for Default Frame and Additional Frames

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Frame Height Different for Default Frame and Additional Frames]
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 00:00:46 +0100
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Drew Adams skrev:
Did we already settle on a "right" way to do this?  Robert expressed the
desire to keep the number of text lines invariant.  ISTR others wanted
the size of the frame on the screen stay invariant.  At least a similar
issue was recently brought up for menubars.  Finally, I'm interested how
changes of menu-bar-lines/tool-bar-lines are supposed to be applied and
handled - I'm quite lost in this context.
I don't think we did.  But frame size can't in general stay constant as
we have wm hints.  For example, I have 13 pixels of text height.
That gives min resize 13.  The tool bar is 36 pixels.  So when the
tool bar goes, either we increase text size by 3 (== 39, 3
additional pixels) or by 2 (26, decrease by 10 pixels).

I'll implement whatever seems easiest, and then people can suggest
alternatives after that.

The fact that it is not always possible to maintain exactly the same overall
frame size because that size is not always an integral number of characters
is not a reason to not try to maintain the size as closely as possible.
Please don't simply "implement whatever seems easiest".

This is a Gtk+ issue that taken up a lot of my time lately. Unless you are willing to contribute code, the easiest thing is what I will do. This is code that is hard to get right, so making a complex solution is out of the question.

        Jan D.

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