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Re[2]: patch for optional inhibit of delete-other-windows(IDE feature)

From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: Re[2]: patch for optional inhibit of delete-other-windows(IDE feature)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 19:08:56 -0400

>>> martin rudalics <address@hidden> seems to think that:
> > The various MDIs (multi-document interface) programs like Eclipse that
> > I'm familiar with treat the document area, and the data display
> > windows as completely different entities.  Eclipse has all these
> > independent plugins that provide little speedbar like displays that
> > all get stacked and manipulated by the user in a pretty simple way
> > that is independent of the document area.
>Earlier I wrote my own sidebar because I was not able to use two
>speedbars simultaneously - say one for file browsing and the other for
>displaying tags.  Has this become possible in the meantime?

Yes.  Go into the speedbar menu, and choose "detach".  That speedbar
gets separated and you can then make a new one.

Sadly, as I just tried this, the new speedbar frame seems to have the
same buffer as the original.  I wonder when that happened.


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