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Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 18:41:21 +0800
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David House wrote:
So far, the only valid argument I've heard in favour of bypassing the
Recycle Bin is to conserve disk space.

Read my earlier mail on the subject. The Recycle Bin can be a security hole when users expect files to be deleted immediately, and when not using the Explorer (or standard File Dialog which is based on, and looks like Explorer) it is quite reasonable to expect Explorer's recycle bin to not be involved.

Talking of "bypassing the Recycle Bin" makes it sound like we have to do extra work to do not use the recycle bin. In fact the opposite is true, and I'm not aware of ANY non-system program other than Emacs that takes the trouble to use the Recycle Bin on Windows.

Basically Lennart is blaming his tools and misrepresenting the situation to cover his foolish mistake. 'D' in dired does delete the marked files as expected, not the file under the cursor as he claimed, and what's more it prompts you with a list of the files to be deleted and requires you to type Y-E-S <RET> before deleting anything.

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