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Re: etc/schema

From: jasonr
Subject: Re: etc/schema
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 01:08:55 +0000
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Quoting "Richard M. Stallman" <address@hidden>:

>     They are all conversions from OASIS and W3C released specifications.
> 1. Could you explain what "conversions from" means?

I initially thought they were automated conversions to Relax NG Compact Schema
format from XML schemas and DTDs using Jim Clark's trang conversion tool. But
further investigation shows that some are manually created from the written
specs by Jim Clark and Norman Walsh.

The XHTML files seem to originate here:
The page states they were created manually by Jim Clark.

The DocBook related files originate here:
The README file seems to suggest that they were initially converted from DTDs by
an automated tool, but the word initially implies later modifications were made
(by Norman Walsh, it appears).

xslt.rnc is from here: http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/xslt.rng
The comment at the top states that it is mostly an automated conversion from the
XSLT recommendation, http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt, which says

Copyright  ©  1999 W3C® (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved. W3C liability,
trademark, document use and software licensing rules apply.

(where liability, trademark, document use and software licensing link to the
relevant sections of http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/ipr-notice.html,
http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/copyright-documents.html and

The W3C software license is listed as GPL compatible at gnu.org, but the
document license does not seem to be Free, as it includes the text

"No right to create modifications or derivatives of W3C documents is granted
pursuant to this license. However, if additional requirements (documented in
the Copyright FAQ) are satisfied, the right to create modifications or
derivatives is sometimes granted by the W3C to individuals complying with those

rdfxml.rnc originates here:
and is credited to Jim Clark and Dave Beckett with the same notices on the
containing document as XSLT above. The W3C Copyright FAQ 5.10 states that
unless comments in the schema state otherwise, schema's and DTDs generally fall
under the W3C software license even when included as part of a spec that is
under the W3C documentation license.

relaxng.rnc originates here: http://www.relaxng.org/relaxng.rng
Although it contains no copyright and license details, it appears to have been
written by James Clark, but it may have been part of the OASIS standardization,
in which case copyright and license may be determined by OASIS.

schemas.xml and locate.rnc are part of nxml-mode, used for mapping schemas to

> 2. What license did OASIS and W3C release these with?
> (I will look at the file you sent me; does it apply
> to each and every one of these files?)

See above - the situation with XHTML schemas seems to be different than
etc/schemas/README describes, as these schemas were manually created based on
the spec rather than automatically created. Also the status of xslt.rnc as a
derivative of the XSLT Recommendation needs clarification.

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