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bzr Q&A [was Re: log format for vc-bzr]

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bzr Q&A [was Re: log format for vc-bzr]
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2010 12:56:52 -0500
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Juanma Barranquero wrote:

> At some point, people has to try and learn, we cannot give everything
> as recipes, because there's no one single good way to do it all.

A "how to get started" document obviously shouldn't try to answer
every question anyone might ask.

But, I'm sure there is lots of useful information going to this list
now, I simply can't keep up with all these hundreds of emails about
bzr. I know people are asking questions that I'm probably going to be
asking, but first I need to figure out what to ask.

If someone(s) could start keeping a very simple, factual, plain-text
document that summarizes the things people have asked, along the lines

Q: X asked, how do I do...
A: Y answered, use `bzr ...'

I for one would be very grateful, but I know it's a lot to ask.

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