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Re: New function: vc-ediff

From: Christoph Scholtes
Subject: Re: New function: vc-ediff
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 21:38:14 -0700
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Hi Stefan,

On 3/10/2011 9:00 AM, Stefan Monnier wrote:

I think vc-ediff should not require any changes to ediff.
You can check pcvs.el for an example of code that provides similar
functionality without any ediff changes.

I saw that, but I honestly didn't like this implementation. I felt using `ediff-buffers' I would need to duplicate code that had already been written, namely in `ediff-revision'.

I figured, what I needed for 'vc-diff' is basically `ediff-revision', but without the interactive prompts for revisions. Unfortunately, the function does not work that way. So I factored out the interactive piece from the piece I would need for `vc-ediff'. The refactoring in `ediff.el' is minimal just exposes an internal, non-interactive function for other functions besides `ediff-revision' to use.

Ultimately, `ediff-(vc|rcs)-internal', which is called by `ediff-revision', uses `ediff-buffers', like the implementation in `pcvs.el'.

Is there any specific reason why the refactoring in `ediff.el' should not be done?


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