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Re: adding a standard font-lock-number-face

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: adding a standard font-lock-number-face
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 09:34:38 -0400
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>> Please note that I'm no expert at font-locking but I think it might be
>> good (and possible) to let modes to specify a higher or special level
>> of font-locking so this kind of things can be highlighted.
> C-h v font-lock-maximum-decoration RET
> Of course not all modes use this variable.

I'd be happy to throw it away, indeed, because it gives the wrong
impression that there's a strong ordering of "levels" of decoration,
whereas that is not true.

You may like some elements to be decorated with lots of details, but
want to leave some other element mostly plain and vice-versa.

And furthermore, it tends to conflate "work needed to find what to
highlight" with "amount of different faces one screen at the same time",
even though the two aren't necessarily connected either.

Finally, this variable has had t (aka "use the max") as its default
value forever, so it can't be used to tell Emacs to do "even more than
the default".


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