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RE: The art of closing bug reports

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: The art of closing bug reports
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 02:43:19 -0700

> 1. Include the full bug report subject and not just the bug number in
> the closure notification. I regularly see closure notices that only
> include the bug number and a message which often just says the bug has
> been closed.


But since this is variable, I've been assuming (?) that this was due to the way
some particular bug subjects were created in the first place (e.g. perhaps older
bugs).  It seems that some have `#9999' in the subject, some have just `9999',
some have the complete subject.

It is good to have both the subject and `#999' - easiest to run a search.  If
the bug number were in fact quoted (in future), then a search would be easier
still.  For example, searching for "`#999'" gives no false positives such as
searching for "999" or "#999" can ("#999" as prefix or "999" as substring).
(I'm assuming a literal, not a regexp search, which is the case for at least
some mail clients.

Yes, this is a nit.  Just something we might consider, if other things are

> The problem with this is that it gives no clue as to which bug it was.
> We tend not to remember bug report numbers, but often will recognise
> subject or description. Knowing that a particular bug (and I'm talking
> about ones that you have not lodged yourself) has been closed can be
> very useful.

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