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Re: [Fab-user] On Paramiko (was: Why is the version that's available on

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Fab-user] On Paramiko (was: Why is the version that's available on pypi only at 0.1.1?)
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 21:10:28 -0400

On Oct 17, 2009, at 8:37 PM, Jeff Forcier wrote:

Hi again all,

(Heikki: good to know about that 'simple' PyPI URL, will have to
remember it for future reference!)

Regarding this Paramiko 1.7.5 issue, I still haven't heard anything
back from Tobey at all, and I'd like to release 0.9.0 this weekend.

Given the choice between the current mess, and packaging a
known-working copy of Paramiko inside Fabric, I'm starting to favor
the latter. The former is more "correct", but the latter is *far* more
user-friendly right now.


Putting up something that 'just works' is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than putting up something that 'might work if something else doesn't get messed up.' Can you just pull the specific tag from their SVN? (I have no idea how they're set up)

If there's anything I can do over the next couple of days, to get 0.9.0 out the door (finally!), please let me know.

I'm working on the buildbot for distutils and Distribute and Fabric is an integral part of it. (see the distutils list for details)

What I'm I'm working on is a scheme for firing up on-demand buildbot servers for Python projects so you can test on a whole bunch of platforms (all Linux, right now, but Windows in the near future).

The cost for the servers is measured in pennies and I'm considering sponsoring it (maybe with a hosting partner).


P.S. BTW, do you have a buildbot set up for doing fabric testing?


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