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Re: [glob2-devel] still getting same crashes

From: Joe Wells
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] still getting same crashes
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:32:14 +0100
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"Kieran P" <address@hidden> writes:

> To assist Brad in fixing these bugs, please download the latest source 
> tarball,

Already done.  Thanks very much for packaging it for me!  (I'm
assuming you mean the one named “0.9.1-20070801.tar.gz”.)

> compile using
> scons CXXFLAGS="-g -pg"

Could this please be made the default?  We only need to allow
non-debugging versions for official releases.

(By the way, why do you want “-pg”?  That generates profiling
information, not debugging information.  Maybe you meant “-ggdb”?)

> and run glob2 using gdb once compiled
> gdb ./src/glob2
> When you get a crash, type bt into the console, and copy all output from the
> start of the run to the end of the bt.
> Then output the content here.

I think it is only the crash when drawing areas after choosing a brush
that Bradley stated he could not reproduce, but I think he will be
able to reproduce it with the additional information I sent.

If I hear any of the others can not be reproduced, I will be happy to
send more information.

>>Were any of these thought to have been fixed?
> Not that I know of. I believe Brad said they all work fine for him

I only saw him state he could not reproduce the bug involving drawing
areas after choosing a brush.

> (but inlight
> of more information regarding these bugs in another thread (please try to keep
> the threads together from now one), he might be able to find something.

Why should distinct topics not have their own threads?


> On 8/2/07, Joe Wells <address@hidden> wrote:
>     • Bug:Any attempt to draw any areas (forbidden, clearing, guard)
>       with any brush other than the smallest gets one of these 3 crashes
>       (the line number depends on the type of area):
>         glob2: src/Game.cpp:496: void 
> Game::executeOrder(boost::shared_ptr<Order>, int): Assertion `false' failed.
>         glob2: src/Game.cpp:591: void 
> Game::executeOrder(boost::shared_ptr<Order>, int): Assertion `false' failed.
>         glob2: src/Game.cpp:544: void 
> Game::executeOrder(boost::shared_ptr<Order>, int): Assertion `false' failed.
>     • Bug:I get this crash whenever pressing the key to reduce the
>       number of requested workers for a building when the number had
>       already been reduced to zero:
>         glob2: src/Game.cpp:267: void 
> Game::executeOrder(boost::shared_ptr<Order>, int): Assertion 
> `omb->numberRequested <= 20' failed.
>     • Bug:Whenever I quit a game, I get a crash with this message:
>         glob2: libgag/include/StreamBackend.h:66: virtual void 
> GAGCore::FileStreamBackend::write(const void*, size_t): Assertion `fp' failed.

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