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Re: [Gnash-dev] patch for curl_adapter.

From: Andrea Palmatè
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] patch for curl_adapter.
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 23:10:41 +0200

Il giorno 28/apr/09, alle ore 22:43, Richard Wilbur ha scritto:

What about:

if (dir[0] != '/' && dir[0] != '\0' && dir[strlen(dir) - 1] == ':') then
it is either a M$ drive-spec or a native AmigaOS drive-spec.

Is your goal to detect a native M$ AmigaOS drive-spec?

i want only be sure that URL class works correctly.

For example, if I use this cammand string:

aos4-gnash DH2:Gnash/SWF_TEST/test.swf

i get a requester:

"Please insert /Data/Gnash/DH2:" in any drive

that's because actually URL class test if the file i've passed is a windows drive, a unix path or a protocol. since there isn't a "://" it isn't a protocol and it add to the path "/progdir" that is the AmigaOS way to get the program dir. After this the libunix translate it into /Data/Gnash. That's because gnash is installed into DH2:Gnash, where DH2: is called "DATA:" (yes.. is hard to understend for those that haven't use AmigaOS in the past..) And then is append the filename i've passed to command line and so I have:


since the system recognize the ":" the drive it wants is


and then the file


That's it.. :)

P.S.  I still have a couple Amiga's I haven't unpacked since our last
move :>)

Well.. there are some interesting news for a complete new ppc system at 499Euro+VAT with PPC 667Mhz, 1 GB DDR RAM, ATI 9250 128M. HD Maxtor 160GB SATA, DVD-RW SATA. Yes I know.. it is not so cheap, but remember that Amiga market is not so expanded.. :-/


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