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Re: [Gnewsense-dev] maguilablue skin modified

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [Gnewsense-dev] maguilablue skin modified
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 22:02:33 +0200
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Luis Felipe Lopez Acevedo schreef:
El mié, 08-04-2009 a las 22:53 +0200, Sam Geeraerts escribió:

Very nice indeed. Good job on the bug squashing. Are you going to close the bug report or would you like someone else to do it?

Thanks, Sam.

Wouldn't it be better to close the bug when it is not present in the
website anymore?

Yeah, I got ahead of myself there (again). Anyway, like flossing, it's important to remember good bug report maintenance. :)

I'm confident that you can iron those validation errors out. Good luck.

And now the style for maguilablue and maguilablue2.2 is valid CSS 2.1.
Again, I commented the problematic parts. They seem to work OK, but I
haven't tested in browsers that don't use Gecko or Webkit.

Cool. Should we put the validator links on the website? :)

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