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Audio CDs and MusicBrainz

From: Fabrice Bauzac
Subject: Audio CDs and MusicBrainz
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 17:06:21 +0200
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I think this mailing-list is the right one where I can post this
message.  Please forgive me if it's not the case, and then tell me
where to discuss about that.

The GNU project seems to lack a command-line CD player.  I am
maintaining one, called "cdcd", which has a homepage hosted at Sourceforge.  Would that
type of software fit in the GNU project?

I'm currently rethinking about the design of cdcd and the libcdaudio
library, and am looking for a decent CD database system.  libcdaudio
supports CDDB and CDIndex, but CDDB is badly designed and CDIndex is
probably going to be replaced by MusicBrainz; look at for more info.  MusicBrainz seems to be a
kind of FreeAMP sub-project (, but is getting

MusicBrainz seems well designed, although I haven't taken a close look
at it.  I am going to.  But the question is: if a CD database system is
needed for GNU, is MusicBrainz good enough?

TIA, and sorry if I'm in the wrong mailing-list.

fabrice bauzac
Software should be free.

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