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Re: Copyright assigments for the GNU system.

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Copyright assigments for the GNU system.
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:53:20 +0200

       How should copyright assigments be handled for the GNU system?
       By GNU system I mean tools like the package manager/builder,
       installer, etc.

   These programs would be GNU packages just as Emacs and GCC are.

Of course, what I was asking is if they should be one big package, or
several small ones.

   We have to presume that code won't be copyright FSF.  (We can't
   presume he would want to assign the copyright.)

I will ask Nick Moffitt if he would like to assign copyright for GAR
(or some reincarnation of it) to the FSF.

   Do you need to copy code from GAR?

I would like to reuse code from GAR.

   Could you use GAR itself?

Without any kind of modifications, no.  There are some things that I
would like to see, and change in GAR.  These modifications could be
sent upstream of course, and applied there.  I don't know if they
should, since GAR is quite specialised for the LNX-BBC GNU/Linux

Happy hacking.

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