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Re: [gnugo-devel] 2 small patches for gnugo.el from gnugo 3.7.2

From: bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] 2 small patches for gnugo.el from gnugo 3.7.2
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 10:41:02 -0800

> > There is a slightly complicated situation with gnugo.el
> > because the version that we distribute is modified from
> > the version distributed by the true maintainer,
> > Thi-Thien Nguyen.  We are waiting somewhat to see what
> > he does upstream in the hopes of not creating an
> > unnecessary fork.

Oops, looks like I typed Thi's name wrong. It is Thien-Thi.


> Yes, of course it is better not to create a fork, and
> I guess you plan to update to Thi-Thien Nguyen's version
> from time to time.

His version is the upstream one, ours is the downstream

The version of gnugo.el that we distribute has features
and bugfixes that he hasn't backported yet. 

The bugfixes refer mainly to sgf handling, the only
area where I'd say his version is buggy.

Some of the features he may intend to reimplement


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