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[gnugo-devel] Webinterface to gnugo

From: Arvid Piehl Lauritsen Böttiger
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Webinterface to gnugo
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:02:57 +0100


As a sparetime hobby project I've been thinking about makeing a
webbased go game, however, due to the complexity of go I'm not going
to write my own engine - and therefore I'm looking into gnugo to see
if it can fulfill my needs, and if yes, what do you think would be the
best solution.

Since I don't like Java/Flash pages I want to make a Javascript/AJAX
solution (YaY Web2.0 omgwtf buzzword buzzword buzzword...) where gnugo
just is called from a serverside script, and it's here I need some
help/info :)

I guess my main-problem is how I can make gnugo remember a state? I
may be wrong, but wouldn't the "best" (read "easy") way to solve this
problem just be to feed gnugo a state -> record the move -> terminate
gnugo -> give gnugos move to the user -> let the users make a move ->
feed the new state to gungo. This does however require a lot of new
processes, which indeed takes time, but to me it looks like a lot
cleaner solution that holding gnugo alive - or what do you think?

Second - is there a good way to feed gnugo a state? Again - the easy
solution would be if you could just feed the current state of the
board as an argument to gnugo, but as far as I can se that isn't
possible. Second - does gungo have some kind of save/load
functionality which could be used to save/load a game? ..or would I
have to write my own top-level interface using the gnugo API to do
something like this?

I hope you understand the problem, and I would appreciate any kind of
feedback :) Also - have in mind: This is a hobby project only which
dosn't need to be able to handle 10.000 crazy go-geeks, hammering my
server, while playing go when they should be working :)


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