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[Gnumed-devel] Bug and workaround identified (was: anyone noticed wiki p

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Bug and workaround identified (was: anyone noticed wiki problems)
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 18:29:15 -0800

At 9:24 AM +1100 2/27/05, catmat wrote:
The timeout for save apparently is sent to 3600 seconds
in twiki conf . ( presuming this includes signalling the application that a user wants to
edit, the user typing , and then pressing save).

The above is partly correct. It provides the means to prevent any other user editing that particular wiki page for at least one hour after an initial user has edited that page (to reduce the chance of conflicts) EXCEPT that a user can release the lock manually, for example if they think someone else may want to work on the page and do not themselves mind being locked out of editing for an hour. During that hour, TWiki considers all edits by that user part of the same "revision" in order to reduce the amount of versioning required to be tracked.

The bug arises in Firefox, Safari, and presumably/possibly other browsers (like Konqueror - consider any reference herein to Safari to possibly apply to you), while tabbed browsing is enabled. It is a more severe problem with Safari (and presumably Konqueror) however it is possible in all cases to work around it, if it is desired to continue to use tabbed browsing. Note to Mac users using Firefox: you must upgrade from Firefox 1.0 Preview Release to Firefox 1.0.

Safari permits the option of disabling tabbed browsing. I "quit" and reloaded Safari which does maintain the prior annoying habit of prompting for user credentials even just to view a page. Even with tabbed browsing disabled I could not straightaway edit and save a large or complex page like DevelopmentReference and I think that even such an attempt prevents success during the rest of that browser session (i.e. you would have to quit and restart the app). I had to first Edit and Save a small simple topic like WikiWorkaround, which I created for this purpose. Then, I could edit and save even DevelopmentReference and Liz's PathologyTests page without any trouble.

For browsers that use tabbed browsing (and in Firefox, I think there is no way to disable it) the following procedure is required:

- you must AVOID submitting your wiki credentials through your browser's "first" or default tab
   (therefore Safari users must open to a page OTHER THAN one at the wiki)
- make a new (second) tab and within *that* tab, load a wiki page
-->Safari users should "Jump" to WikiWorkaround or another suitably small page - Edit, Preview (mandatory for Safari) and Save the wiki page from *inside* this second browser tab.

Once credentials have been submitted AND a wiki page has been Edited, [Previewed] *and* Saved, then it appears you can Edit and Save any wiki page even in your browser's main (first) tab and it becomes no longer necessary in Safari to Preview before saving.

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