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Re: Plans for change....

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: Plans for change....
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 14:21:27 -0800

On 12/17/06, David Wetzel <address@hidden> wrote:
Yen-Ju Chen wrote:

>   I think this argument falls into the category as the scroll bar
>   should be on the right or left.
>   There is no solution to make everyone happy.

Maybe you should read [1].
It is very simple. Scrollers are always parts of a scrollview. A theme can 
change the layout.
This was already possible on slow Amigas so for a true OO environment on much 
faster machines it
should be a piece of cake. [2]

I do know Renaissance.
I use scroll bar as an example only to show
that there is no way to have everyone agree on everything.
If GNUstep decide to adapt auto-layout,
people from Cocoa may start to complain because they use hard-coded position
and their nib file cannot convert to gorm file.
If GNUstep support two kind of layouts,
it just add more burden on developers and may confuse users.
By the way, I remember GNUstep has something like GSVBox and HBox
for auto-layout.

Personally, I think GNUstep try to please everyone
and start to lose its personality.
In the end, no one is completely happy.
If an application work well, like GNUMail,
who care about it is auto-layout or not.

Anyway, unless someone plans to write an implementation,
there is no use to argue it further. :P



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