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Re: problem about writeInBackgroundAndNotify

From: Guo Xu
Subject: Re: problem about writeInBackgroundAndNotify
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 13:25:42 +0800

Thanks a lot
I tested the problem, it works fine for me on Windows7 now.
Thank you Richard and all.

2009/8/24 Adam Fedor <address@hidden>
Unless there has been a binary incompatible change to the library since the last release (which there has not, as far as I know), you can just get the latest base library from SVN (see: or from the daily-snapshots and compile and install it:

A. Start the msys shell (Start -> Programs -> GNUstep - Shell)
B. Get SVN base (svn co http://:// or daily snapshot (
   unpack the snapshot and CD to the base library if necessary.
C. Type:
make install

The new base library should overwrite the one that came with the bin files.

On Aug 23, 2009, at 9:09 PM, Guo Xu wrote:

Hi Richard

  I directly downloaded the GNUstep setup bin files from page, I don't know how to apply this change to my environment. So I can't test if it is ok.
  Should I compile GNUstep environment myself?  Can you give me some references.

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