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Re: [Groff] Trouble with UTP...

From: Jon Snader
Subject: Re: [Groff] Trouble with UTP...
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 15:21:09 -0400
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On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 11:46:16AM -0700, Meg McRoberts wrote:
> I'm pretty new to this list as well, so it's the blind leading the
> blind.  I do get errors from processing ch03.t but it builds.  The
> command line I am using is:
>       cd (my working directory)
>       groff -pt -ms ch03.t >
>       ps2pdf > ch03.pdf
> The errors I get are:
>       ch03.t:1338: warning: `BH' not defined

Meg's correct, this should by .Bh
>       ch03.t:1742: warning: `L' not defined

This should be .LP

>       ch03.t:3298: warning: can't find special character `CW'

There are a bunch of these in the range 3298-3349.  It almost looks as
if it should be \f(CW, but I'm not sure.  We'll have to wait until
Heinz tells us.
> I think the first one is a typo -- should be Bh rather than BH.  I
> don't know about the second on and the third one is just plain
> baffling.

A couple comments.  I've looked at Chapter 3 and Chapter 5.  In both of
those I notice that the use of the .SS macro often doesn't leave enough
room after the line above.  Do people want me to add some spacing (if so,
how much?) or would you rather fix it up on an individual basis.

In chapter 3 there were some problems with the X[1234] macros.  That's
rather strange since Heinz contributed the original macros.  I added the
rounded corners and otherwise messed with things, so something got lost
in the translation.  Heinz, could you look at those and let me know if
the problem is yours or mine?

In general, everyone should typeset their chapters one more time to make
sure they look OK.  I'm not planning on changing the macros again except
for bug fixes, so they should be pretty much in final form.

Jon Snader

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