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Re: guile-vm 0.3

From: Ariel Rios
Subject: Re: guile-vm 0.3
Date: 04 Apr 2001 23:21:37 -0400

On 03 Apr 2001 21:48:38 -0500, Rob Browning wrote:
> Ariel Rios <address@hidden> writes:

> Agreed, but no matter what approach we choose, there's going to be
> plenty of work to do.  IMO if it turns out that some of that work
> needs to be on lightning, then so be it :>
ok. Next week I am on holiday (yepee!) I can take some  time
looking at lighting on PPC. I might be of help or I might not, who
knows? Where do I get latest code? I am looking at the release
available at alpha but I only get nice core dumps:

address@hidden tests]$ ./printf 
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
address@hidden tests]$ 


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