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Re: Wondering about the stable branch, testing, and Debian.

From: Alex Shinn
Subject: Re: Wondering about the stable branch, testing, and Debian.
Date: 08 Jul 2001 17:02:11 -0400
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>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Browning <address@hidden> writes:

    Rob> I realized this morning that since I'm the Debian maintainer
    Rob> for guile it would be possible for me to create 1.5.x
    Rob> packages and release them to unstable.  Among other things,
    Rob> this would expose it to a potentially wide testing audience
    Rob> on multiple architectures.

    Rob> However, I haven't had time to think about whether or not I
    Rob> think this is a good or bad idea, from either the Debian,
    Rob> Guile, or rlb perspectives :>

>From the Guile perspective, I think this would be very good on general
"release early, release often" principles.

>From the Debian perspective, would this just be a short-term set of
packages, in preparation for the 1.6.x release?  Would you then make
it a convention to have both stable and unstable branches available as
Debian packages?

>From my own biased perspective, I'd like to see this happen so that I
can package guile-sdl :)

Alex Shinn <address@hidden>
Lisper, Smalltalker, and all around poor speaker

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