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Re: The load path

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: The load path
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 19:54:56 +0000
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Andy Wingo wrote:

On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 10:48 +0000, Neil Jerram wrote:
Rob Browning wrote:
    --with-built-in-load-path='("foo" default "bar")'
This looks good to me. If this option is not specified, I presume the default load path is ("$prefix/share/guile/site" "$prefix/share/guile/$effective_version" "$prefix/share/guile")

This sounds good to me as well for 1.7, but with one reservation: there
are hordes of linux users that just do ./configure; make; make install
for all autoconf'd software they download. I don't want to have to tell
each one of them to set --prefix if they want the program to actually

I'm not sure what you mean by setting --prefix each time. All that the user needs to do is - once-off - add

(set! %load-path (cons "/usr/local/share/guile" %load-path))

to their .guile or the system init.scm. And if the user can do ./configure etc., I reckon they can do this.

(And who's to say that they haven't decided to install autoconf'd software in /opt/local, for example?)

This means, distributors must be made aware that guile should
follow the system C compiler's conventions, so that users are not
Personally, I've been surprised in the past _by_ the C compiler's conventions. I seem to recall having serious trouble with one version of Gtk in /usr and another version in /usr/local, because /usr/local comes _before_ /usr in the include path, but _after_ it in the linker path! So - unless I was being really stupid at the time - not a good example to follow.

Furthermore, if they put a /usr/local dir in the path, it should be
before the default paths.
I think it's probably unwise to set up a system so that ordering is important. However, with the .guile/init.scm approach, the user has complete control here.


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