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Re: Problems with multithreading and slow compilation

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Problems with multithreading and slow compilation
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 00:41:15 +0200

At 13:13 -0700 2004/07/07, Guru Chakravarthy wrote:

>> >Have other users been having similar problems?
>I am not sure if my problem is same as yours but, for
>me  producing the .cpp file from .ypp takes around 5-6
>min. in solaris and most of the time is spent on "m4"
>and its m4 memory usage touchs nearly 175 MB. but on
>windows it is very fast taking less than 45 seconds !
>Both machines have decent configurations . (Solaris:
>Sunblade 100, 512 MB RAM, Windows: P4 2.4 ,1 GB RAM )
>can anyone tell what might be the issue ?

Something funny is going on with your setup, because on my very slow Mac G2
computer, Bison compiles in no-time (fraction of a second). How large is
your input file (mine is 52 KB). What skeleton file are you using?

  Hans Aberg

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