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Re: When submitter sets Reply-To to bug-foo

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: When submitter sets Reply-To to bug-foo
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2015 23:33:55 -0700
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Glenn Morris wrote:
> Yes, I've seen this a few times before. I think it is a minor issue
> since as you say, you only get one ack mail, not an infinite loop.

I agree it is a small thing.  I saw it yet again and just wanted to
communicate about it.  Sometimes things are not really simple.

> Perhaps. It can be tricky since some lists have multiple aliases,
> though debbugs already has this information.
> Or maybe the ack mail should simply ignore Reply-To?

But if Reply-To is a valid non-mailing list address then that  is the
correct one to use.

Is there a control@ command that I could send that would change the
"Reported by" address?  Maybe that is the best thing.  Simply fix it
when things are not handled automatically?  I would be fine with that.

> But to be honest, my enthusiasm for improving the actual debbugs
> instance on seems to have run out. If anyone else is
> interested in having a crack at this (and other issues), they should
> speak up, and I can provide more info as needed.

I understand.  At some point I would like to set up my own BTS
instance just to understand the code and how it works.  Then could
maybe make some effort into improving things upstream on the Debian
upstream and then that would flow downstream.  But never enough time.


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