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Cyrillic characters

From: jean-michel le bot
Subject: Cyrillic characters
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 00:07:46 +0200

I'm just starting to learn Emacs, and I need it to write in russian
(with LaTeX). I'm using Mandrake 7.2 and there are two ways to load
Emacs :
/usr/bin/emacs (which points to '/etc/alternatives/emacs' which itself
points to '/usr/bin/emacs-20.7' !)
Despite the fact that the same 'emacs-20.7' seems to be loaded in both
case, the results are very differents:
With '/usr/bin/emacs' (under X and KDE2) cyrillic characters normally
appear on the screen when I set language environnement (Cyrillic KOI8)
and input method (cyrillic-jcuken) (or when I type 'C-h h'). So
everything is OK excepting the font height which is too small.
With '/usr/bin/emacs-20.7' (again under X and KDE2) the font height is
OK but cyrillic characters (and hebrew, and chinese, and japanese...)
don't appear on the screen anymore. Only empty boxes appear :-(
What can I do to have at the same time big enough font and cyrillic
characters appearing on the screen ?


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