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Re: emacs and PuTTY

From: Rob Thorpe
Subject: Re: emacs and PuTTY
Date: 24 Jan 2007 07:00:56 -0800
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On Jan 22, 7:57 pm, John Oliver <address@hidden> wrote:
> We have several users who SSH to a server with PuTTY and run emacs
> there.  Unfortunately, there seems to be some issue with PuTTYs terminal
> emulation and emacs (emacs-21.3-4.10 on RHEL 4) which makes the cursor
> jump around and do some weird things like that.  They tell me that
> hitting Control-L "fixes" it for a minute or two, but it'll start
> happening again.  I've gotten around this for some people by installing
> CygWin and exporting the display to their machine, so they can run
> Xemacs.  But some people just want to stick with CLI.  One user uses
> Tera Term Pro, and is happy with its' terminal emulation, but TTP is an
> ancient program that doesn't even support SSH... he uses it to telnet to
> one ancient server, and from there SSH to the live machine :-)  I know
> about TTSSH, but that isn't the answer I'm looking for ;-)
> How can I get PuTTY and emacs to be happy with each other?  Please note,
> I'm one of those crazy vi people... I don't know anything about emacs.
> If the answer is in some emacs settings, I could use more handholding
> than "Just do the XYZ function!" :-)

That's odd, it should work.  Have you checked that PuTTY is setup to
recieve a sensible character set?
Others on may know what the problem is, so crossposted

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