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RE: LaTeX-editing TEXTAREAs using w3m?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: LaTeX-editing TEXTAREAs using w3m?
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 08:09:17 -0700

> I have a web server which renders small LaTeX snippets as PDF 
> or HTML/GIF. The LaTeX snippets can be edited via a browser as 
> HTML-textarea fields. However, using standard browsers I miss
> the LaTeX-editing features I have
> available when editing LaTeX code with Emacs.
> One possible remedy would be to use w3m and switch on LaTeX mode when
> editing textareas.  I have tried this, and the 
> straightforward way did not
> work (that is, the w3m information did get lost when I did 
> M-x latex-mode).
> Does anyone know if such a feature is easily possible?

This is probably no help, but isn't there a way to open an editor (e.g. the
value of $EDITOR) from a Web browser for such a text area? If there is, then you
should be able to use emacsclient (or gnuclient) to do that editing with Emacs.

That's one of the things emacsclient is for: to let you open Emacs from some
other app. Dunno if Web browsers let you do that easily, though.

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