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Re: In emacs 23 compile-mode doesn't recognize (c)perl error messages

From: LanX
Subject: Re: In emacs 23 compile-mode doesn't recognize (c)perl error messages
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 15:03:36 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Hi Ilya

> What I mind is people *breaking* the code.  And the moment they know
> the code well enough so that the probability of breakage is low
> enough, their incentive to modularize would disappear...  :-( ;-)

well that's why I was talking about a testsuite...

A testsuite could be very simple to extend for outsiders, by defining
a) input-text
b) action
c) expected output

BTW: I just realized that Padre has a plugin system hosted on CPAN
where different people supply code.

However ...I'm gonna try to write some simple module add-ons to cperl
instead of larger suites like perlysense or sepia.

Maybe you can help me:

What's the best way to extend POD and comment handling?
a) I'd like to render  markup like "B<word>" gets a bold face
b) links become active refs where I can click?


Do you have hooks to extend your font-locking or is it better to parse
after cperl has finished for text-property "in-pod"?

(BTW: is cperl-6.2 buggy for POD detection?
...tested in emacs22 and emacs23
I'm gonna open a new thread with details or do you prefer another


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