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Running initial code when in library

From: Paulo Matos
Subject: Running initial code when in library
Date: 23 May 2006 01:08:13 -0700
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Hi all,

I have a software which links to some plugins loaded dynamically. The
plugin self-registers using a proxy class as described in:
class proxy {
      factory["shape name"] = maker;
proxy p;

The code is executed with when:
void *hndl = dlopen("", RTLD_NOW);

and the class register. Problem is that sometimes (I know this is not
usual in current software but I really need this) I need to pack all
the software and plugins into one big piece of code so I link every
plugin statically to the core. However, this proxy approach doesn't
seem to work because the plugins are not registering themselves.

Any ideas on how can I make them self-register? I do not have control
about the number of plugins, or their names for that matter in the core
software so I can't just register them manually in the core.


Paulo Matos

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