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Re: Running initial code when in library

From: Paulo Matos
Subject: Re: Running initial code when in library
Date: 23 May 2006 11:51:00 -0700
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Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
> "Paulo Matos" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Problem is that sometimes (I know this is not
> > usual in current software but I really need this) I need to pack all
> > the software and plugins into one big piece of code so I link every
> > plugin statically to the core.
> This should work just fine.
> You still have your global objects, and their constructors should
> still be firing at process startup.

I have singleton and everything should work fine but it is not:
extern "C" {
  esatEnumerator *create() {
    return new esatEnumeratorCR();
  void destroy(esatEnumerator *e) {
    delete e;
  class proxy {
    proxy() {
  proxy p;

This should be working but it is not. esatModuleDispatcher::Instance()
returns the singleton instance. Even if I add a exit(EXIT_FAILURE);
before the call nothing happens. Execution is not hitting proxy

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