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Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Little poll about look & feel

From: Christian Mauduit
Subject: Re: [Help-liquidwar6] Little poll about look & feel
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 07:28:15 +0200 (CEST)
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On Fri, October 2, 2009 4:41 am, Aguirrezabal Pedro wrote:
> Can be implemented as an option so the most nostalgics can try GL NEAREST
> if
> they want to see it.
Yeah, sounds reasonnable. But when you'll see the bazillion options the
game already has, you'll cry ;)

> I personally like more GL LINEAR cause it looks better with the level.
> I missed lots of mails because of too many work here :( ... Is there any
> new
> playable demo released on windows that I miss?
No, not yet. But I'm currently fine tuning what is going to be "Liquid War
6 0.0.7beta". So far there are improvements on the performance front, a
basic hud (displays time left, team heatlh) is present, and the big TODO
is a score screen, accompanied by the killer feature (yes, it's really
mandatory if we want this to be called a game and not a mere demo) which
is : game ends at some stage, wether when there's only one team left or
time is elapsed.

I must admit I have diverted from my initial plan which was to implement
network first. In fact what happened is that to implement network stuff
correctly I had to make some patch, then another patch came, then I ended
rewiring a lot of stuff. The good news is I believe 0.0.7beta will really
be solid ground to build on. Additionnally, there's been a lot of creative
ideas lately on this list, concerning the look & feel of the game.

I've posted those screenhots for I've had several feedbacks concerning
"game isn't as //fluid// as previous version 5" and was wondering if that
really had to do with pixelisation. AFAIK it's not really linked to this,
GL_LINEAR is probably the best average bet. The point is, in its 0.0.6beta
configuration, game is slower than LW5. I've done some optimizations just
last evening and it happens when things move faster, it just looks more
like liquid.

Additionnally, I'll probably do some calibrating depending on the power of
the computer the game is running on. Basically, we have a "bench" function
which exacly does this -> run the game for 10 seconds and see how much it
can compute. I could use this as an input in the map loader and say
something like "if computer has a power of say, 13, then the maximum
fighters it can handle at speed 50 is 9000". The idea is just to calibrate
the function "max_fighters = magic_constant * computer_power / speed". The
only thing to figure out is "magic_constant".

This would also be usefull is network games (I think Kasper already
pointed this out) since you don't want to join a game that requires an
overclocked quad-core if you're running on legacy hardware.

Have a nice day,


Christian Mauduit <address@hidden> - ___ __/\__
Liquid War 6 -     / _")\~ \~/
"Les amis de la vérité sont ceux qui la cherchent et non _/ /   /_ o_\
ceux qui se vantent de l'avoir trouvée" - Condorcet     (__/      \/

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