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Re: Re: RE: real-time log

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Re: RE: real-time log
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 00:44:25 -0500

%% "Vikas Joshi" <address@hidden> writes:

  vj> I verified with gmake version 3.8 and what you say is true.
  vj> Although I have to use the following version of make and in that
  vj> version what I say is true!  For reasons I cannot spell out I am
  vj> stuck with following version. Any help is appreciated.

  vj> GNU Make version 3.79.1 (Symbian build 005), by Richard Stallman and 
Roland McGrath.

It looks like this is a customized version of GNU make.  Obviously
there's no way we can know what changes were made and so of course we
cannot give you any advice on how to work around those changes, if
that's even possible.

However, since this is GPL'd software you are entitled to obtain the
complete source code for this customized version from the vendor that
provided you with the binary.  Once your vendor provides that source
code you could compare it with the source code to the original GNU make
3.79.1 release (available on the site) and that should
give you some ideas of the changes that were made.

Good luck!

 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>          Find some GNU make tips at:            
 "Please remain calm...I may be mad, but I am a professional." --Mad Scientist

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