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Re: Need ways to make Makefiles more foolproof

From: Michael Ludwig
Subject: Re: Need ways to make Makefiles more foolproof
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2012 09:44:30 +0100
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Bo Johansson schrieb am 11.03.2012 um 22:18 (+0100):

> Yes I know:
>     perl Makefile.PL
>     make
>     make test
>     ...
> But I should have used DMAKE instead of make and spoiled some day
> trying to find the "non existing" errors.

Bo, precisely the same thing with Makefile.PL / ExtUtils::MakeMaker has
annoyed me just like it annoyed you. I recently asked on StackOverflow
about GNU Make support on Windows in EU::MM. The answer is that there is
no such support, which I found amazing as GNU Make is, I think, the most
popular Make program.

ExtUtils::MakeMaker and supported MAKE programs on Windows

I supplied a doc patch, which is still in the queue:

clarified MAKE nebula

> An error message (in the makefile generated by "perl Makefile.PL")
> telling me that I was using the wrong make program had saved me some
> work.

Yes, I agree, that would be a useful addition to EU::MM. Is that what
you're working towards?



> So I am looking for "portable" makefile idioms to:
> *Find which make program is used
> *Give an error message and stop the make program
> I also want the idioms to be portable to more make programs than GNU
> Make and dmake. I expected that there was "libraries" with "portable"
> makefile idioms!
> See also the original post

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