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Re: image/data acquisition toolbox

From: Claudia Calcagno
Subject: Re: image/data acquisition toolbox
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 13:51:46 -0400
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Sorry, I'll restate the question which I recognize was really ill posed

I didn't mean to say that I expected to find the two toolboxes implemented
per se in Octave Forge.
I meant to say that I already checked the functions present in Octave Forge
and it seemed to me that there are no equivalent to the functions found in these
matlab toolboxes, but nevertheless I just wanted to check if somebody had
different information.

Moreover, since both toolboxes are implemented only for Windows, that means
that (if there is no port whatsoever) not only I cannot use Octave, but also I'll not be able to use Linux itself, which is very annoying for me (and here is the reason why I wanted to double check before rebooting the machine and/or try to do something by myself)

Thanks again to everybody,


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