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Octave Installation on IntelMac

From: Elena
Subject: Octave Installation on IntelMac
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 15:04:39 -0800 (PST)

Dear Rajmuet! Thank you so much!!

> Type this command in a Terminal window.  You have to
open the
> Terminal applicatiob.  This command assumes 
> that the octave-bin.tar file is in the current

That worked! I'd never guessed myself...

It worked up to a point of password verification, and
then I got a message:

tar: option requires an argument -- C
Try `tar --help' for more information.
[Process exited - exit code 2]

So, I've tried:
- writing a random directory after "-C" in the
original command (didn't work)
- writing the "usr" coordinates after "-C" in the
original command (didn't work)
- writing "--C" (didn't work)
- typing the command "tar --help" (it worked, but
didn't help - I just learned that I needed to specify
a directory after "-C", but how would I do that?)

Thanks a lot!!

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