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Re: Matlab central and octave

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Matlab central and octave
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 18:52:13 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
> I can't agree that Octave Forge, at least in the current version, is
> appropriate replacement for MATLAB fileexchange area (MFA).
> First of all, you have about 2-3 minuties for contributing files to MFA, vs
> using cvs (as you propose in your web page) (btw many people, espesially who
> works in Windows, doesn't know what is CVS at all). 
The current suggested method is to send the code to address@hidden
where it is archived.

> You propose:
> "If you have code to contribute, send a message to the repository mailing
> list or join the development team."
> but what if code isn't enough good for now? will you implement them or say
> "goodbye and return when it will be high-quality enough!"? 
> I propose other way - area (like MFA), where anyone can contribute his code,
> as long as its upgrade (like MFA allows - once per 2 monthes, but as for me
> I think it's very long period), and then Octave workers (after reading
> reviews, like in  MFA) decide, does the code already good enough to be
> implemented to Octave core. BTW Matworks CANNOT implement code from  MFA
> because it demands GPL (or similar, for example CPL licence), but Octave
> CAN, which increase importance of FileExcange Area for Octave.
> Moreover, existing separate web pages makes code authors feel proud!:) And
> they can directly contact with users of their code, removing bugs. Then,
> they can mention these pages in their resume. I'm sure, there are much more
> benefits - for example, swithich more people from visiting MATLAB-related
> web pages to Octave-related web pages, for example those, who found MFA from
> web search for apropriate m-code routine.
> As for me, I read carefully Octave-forge developers guide long time ago
> and found it to be something awfull.
Its aimed at those developers who use CVS, and so is not as you say for

> I guess people, who contribute to MFA, will found better click mouse for
> some times, than involving all that you describe there.
> I would be glad if more people will say their opinion about the idea.
> WBR, Dmitrey.
All great ideas.. However, the problem is there are lots of people who
are willing to suggest what needs to be done and few to actually do the
work. If there was someone committed enough to support such a forum,
then I'd support them wholehearted, but till someone steps up and says
something like, "I've just created a test website implementing MFA for
Octave, and will support it in the future" then I won't believe in it..
All of the people currently developing code for octave and octave-forge
are all to busy on other projects, so it would take someone new to step
forward to do this work..


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