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nnimap vs. nnmaildir

From: Dan Christensen
Subject: nnimap vs. nnmaildir
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 11:47:10 -0400
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I'm planning on installing a local imap server on my ubuntu machine,
probably one that uses maildir for storage.  I currently almost
exclusively use nnfolder for my e-mail, and have very little experience
with using nnimap and none with nnmaildir.  I see messages on the Gnus
mailing lists from time to time with people having minor issues with
both of these, and my question is whether I am likely to be better off
accessing the e-mail via the imap server or directly via the maildir.

I haven't decided how much of my mail to store this way.  It could be
just 10MB, or it could be a few hundred megabytes.  Some of my groups
have 5 or 10 thousand messages.

Criteria that are important to me:

- robustness
- speed (generating the summary buffer, selecting articles, moving
  articles between groups)
- ability to edit articles
- search

I also plan to synchronize this imap server using offlineimap.

Thanks for any advice!


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