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Re: How to unregister message as spam/ham?

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: How to unregister message as spam/ham?
Date: Sun, 06 Sep 2009 11:47:52 +0200
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On Sun, 06 Sep 2009 08:30:36 +0300, Teemu wrote:

> I've been using Gnus' spam package for a while with bogofilter. So far I
> haven't found a way to unregister messages as spam or ham. That is, undo
> previously registered messages in bogofilter's database.

I'm sure the author can answer authoritatively, but here is what I do:

On my spam-group, I have set these parameters (maybe some of them are
not necessary, it has been a _looong_ time since I set it up):

  ((spam-process '(ham spam-use-crm114))
   (ham-process-destination 'respool)
   (spam-process-destination "nnml:spam")

If ham ends up in my spam-group, I simply tick it (with '!') and exit
the group; the ticked emails are retrained as ham and respooled

You'll want to adjust at least "spam-use-crm114" and "nnml:spam" to suit
your setup.

  Best regards,


 "People always assume you're some kind of altruist."         Adam Sjøgren

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